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For the curious.
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Black collection

The collction summarizes the wabi sabi japan philosophy – flexible, indecipherable, enigmatic, sensual, extremely rare, melancholic and spiritual.
The Black color is a predominant color from wich starts our brand and moves towards the white colour.
Between black and white there is a world: a chromatism of exellence.

HCE Collection

H.C.E.” collection is made up of 10 fragrances marked by special words coming from the novel “finnegans wake” written by James Joyce.
The main character of “finnegans wake” is a middle-aged man owner of a tavern, named Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker, often shortened to “H.C.E.“, which means also “here comes everybody”, the expression that identifies the “everyman” of Joyce.
He is both an ordinary man and Father at the same time.

Nous Cologne

Brilliant genius of olfactory perception.

The Mind and the intellect. The supreme intelligence made up of the subtle matter, that rules the world.

Our eau de colognes represent 3 areas of Italy: the north, the center and the south. Each fragrance contains the peculiar ingredient of its area.

It is an olfactory collection that reflect our italian life-style and it can be worn in any occasion, according to your pleasure. A great expression of Mirko Buffini Firenze world: the detailed research of the fragrances creation, the great attention to details and quality, the passion for craftsmanship and creativity. It is suitable for all seasons, extremely delicate and elegant that allows you to enhance your being.

The packaging is aqua green in colour: Leonardo Da Vinci considered the color of water as the colour of divine nature.

Home Fragrance

Inspired by the two iconic fragrances.
Light your atmosphere!


The “HAIKU BEAUTY” collection was designed to turn daily treatment into a precious, pleasant and relax time.

Olfactory notes:

Top: flax flowers, damask rose, white flowers
Middle: cedar wood, orchid, vanilla berries
Bottom: white musk, amber notes

White flower and the immense world of the damask rose give the remarkable elegance and unparalleled softness